Monday, April 02, 2007

Where did the time go?

Where did the time go between my last post and today?

  • Thursday; trip to Bham to a committee meeting that took longer than originally thought, wrote a rough draft for Sunday's sermon, and saw my therapist.
  • Friday; caught up on office mail, phone calls, etc,went visiting in the afternoon. Kid's had ball practice in the afternoon. Tried to do the Friday five, but home computer gliched and I lost everything, lost my patience too.
  • Saturday; spent all day at the ball park with multiple games, also took them to swim lessons.
  • Sunday; Sunday morning meet and greet, worship prep, worship and preaching, Easter egg hunt and party at the church, choir practice, nap, and finished reading "Leaving Church'
  • Monday, today; back in the office catching up on the office work, preparing for: a Wednesday talk, hosting a worship service on Thursday for two other churches, a sermon for Friday night, and a sermon for Easter Sunday, plus those who come by to talk, and ball practice this afternoon.

Now I know where the time went and is going, going . . . gone.


Songbird said...

And I thought *I* was busy!

mompriest said... kidding...time just flys by. I've always said that minutes may seem like an eternity but weeks and years - they fly I'm not so sure of even those minutes..oy

well I wish you all the best in this holiest of weeks, may it be a time of renewal and peace, even as it is incredibly busy!