Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter Wisdom from a Target Cashier

I know, I know, many of you don't shop Target, but I do. Wednesday I was in there finishing up some Easter shopping for the kids, and shopping for upcoming birthdays. (They had a sale going.) At the checkout counter, I started the usual friendly chatter with the cashier. She was a young girl and a new hire. I mentioned to her why I bought all I had for Easter and birthdays. She said to me at that point, "Used to be when I was little, all we did was dye the Easter eggs, and get a little candy. Now Easter is like Christmas, the way parents buy things for their kids for Easter." I said to her, "Sure loses its meaning." Her reply was, "My kids want a bunch of candy and things for Easter, but I told them no, we are not going to do that." "Well, good for you."

I left the store feeling guilty with my basket full of bags. And what did I do to feel guilty? I didn't want to give the kids a bunch of candy, they get enough from all the parties and Easter Egg Hunts. I decided I would try to find some things that were Eastery instead but not candy. I think I went overboard. God forgive me. The cashier was right, it's become more like commercialized Christmas, and I have helped it become that. Here it is Good Friday. Nail that nail into Jesus hand, Abi.

But I am not sure she knew what Easter really means, and I wish I had told her. Here is my excuse, the line was long, and she had already moved on to the next person. Maybe I'll see her again, and find out if she knows and if not tell her. Will my kids know from what I do, and say? I hope so. I hope so.


John Wesley said...

I think that they will.

Iris Godfrey said...

When my children were young, I made the decision to change the "stuff" in their baskets. They did get "Easter Baskets" each year, but I stuffed them with fruit, some nuts, and only a small amount of sugar. It worked. They enjoyed them just as much, and all of it was gone before long.

Your children will remember what is important to you. If you place importance on our Lord and His resurrection, so will they. You know the verse, "Train up a child in the way he should go and..."