Monday, April 09, 2007

What I did Easter Sunday

  • Got up at 5am, made coffee, fed the animals, got breakfast for the kids, got kids and myself ready for church, went over sermon, children's sermon and Pastoral Prayer. Also sent out Easter thought for the day email.
  • Got to church early to make sure things were setup, clean, put my sermon on the pulpit, get a bulletin and hymnal, find a bible to read from, put the items for the children's sermon in place, (a Easter Basket with eggs), and to greet people.
  • Helped rearrange the Easter Lilys away from the altar area so the song leader who is highly allergic to them wouldn't get sick during the service. Vacummed up spilled dirt from dropped plants. Yep, we did drop two of them.
  • Went over to the meet and greet to meet and greet, have a cup of coffee, and maybe have a little bite of food.
  • Talked to the youth leader and the youth for awhile.
  • Went back inside sanctuary for last minute check, met some people who were visiting.
  • Went over to choir room to practice the songs and pray with choir.
  • Started worship, Preached, sang in the choir; went back and forth between choir loft, pulpit, the place where I do the children's sermon, my regular seat and the floor of the sanctuary to do prayers. Whew.
  • Shook hands with lots of people, some new, some coming back, some of our homebound, and some extended family members.
  • Went home had lunch with the kids, and then crashed.
  • Nursed a headache all day.
  • colored easter eggs with the kids, with dye that didn't work. (Darn, that's what I get for buying the cheap pack.) Cleaned finger nail polish off the girl's bedroom floor. (Kara spilled it and then tried to hide it by smearing it in.) Took a walk with the kids and dogs in the woods.
  • Had supper, that sweet hubby cooked, watched a little tv and crashed again.

So what did you do on your Easter Sunday


Art said...

Sounds like a busy day to say the least! :) Hope it was a wonderful Easter for you!

mompriest said...

Yup, much the same. Well except I have two services, so I was up at 5am, looked over sermon, arrived at church at 7 to make sure we were ready for the 8:00. Had a brief break at 9, but that rapidly filled up with questions and rehearsing the kids who carry in the cross and candles...did service, stayed for coffee hour, helped clean up for the Korean church who worships in our space after we do...walked dogs...went to sister-in-laws for dinner (just ok, bad cheap wine...but after 22 years I should have least there were good potatoes!), came home, watched a movie Idlewild, a musical with Outcast, nominated for an award...good. Crashed early. Am so tired today I can hardly see....

Brother Marty said...

Did sunrise service and counted that as church for the day. Spent time with out of town friends who came to visit, then crashed....really hard. Slept from 7pm till 6am on Monday, then started that work thing all over again.
Thanks for sharing....say "Hi" to the kids and Bob for us. Hope there were wonderful moments for you in-between the headaches throughout the day!

Mary Beth said...

Mercy, you are multitasking to the extreme!

Hope the headache eases up.

Deb said...

You know what? For the first time, perhaps in years, I had no responsibilities... no singing. no speaking. no prayers. no readings. WOW...
I bet it is the last time in years!!!