Sunday, April 22, 2007

Comings and Goings, Dogs and Cats

Well we are all home safely. We had a nice relaxing stay in Chattanooga. The hotel had a indoor swimming pool, which the kids enjoyed a lot. And we went to the Tennessee Aquarium. Katy's comment was that it was fantastic. I think they liked the petting pools most of all.

Two days before we left our gray cat, Rhianna, was ran over and killed. Bob buried it so we wouldn't have to keep seeing it. We were very sad. And we were sad to come back and she wasn't there to greet us.

The day we left, the kids left the back door open by mistake and the dogs escaped to run free for awhile. So we had to wait on them. I picked up things and threw away trash while we waited. They came home, and we prepared to leave. Well wouldn't you know it, the kids left the door open again as we were ready to leave again, and there went the dogs. Koda, the little black dog, came back first and then the big brown dog, Lily Bear came home later. I think we spent about two hours with the dogs running and coming back before we could finally leave.

Well, today when we came home; one of the kids, left the back door open, and out the dogs went and away they ran. They didn't stay away as long this time though. And the kids didn't leave the door open again. I would say the dogs and cats are as glad for us to come home as we are to be home.


Mary Beth said...

Oh MAN! That's got to drive you crazy!

Maybe if you post a picture on the door (at kid-eye level) of a dog running away...that would help them remember to SHUT IT!?


Glad you are home and that the trip went well.

TN Rambler said...

Glad to hear the trip went well.


1-4 Grace said...

so sorry about the cat. i know that is hard. :(
Happy the trip was so good though

Deb said...

Sorry about Rhianna... it is hard to lose a furry member of the family...
Polgara and Tiria send thoughtful mews...

But welcome home!

I leave to do an Emmaus team in less than 24 hours... laundry and paper still undone! YIKES!

mompriest said...

I have been wondering about your trip. Glad to hear all went well.

I am however sad to hear about your cat. So sad to lose one of our beloved pets. For me they are like one of my children (well almost!). And I mourn the loss deeply.

We actually put a door closer on the door that leads out to our back yard. This door closer would pull the door closed behind the kids when they ran in and out to play. It worked...!

will smama said...

Welcome home!!!

And shut the door!!!