Thursday, April 05, 2007

Maundy Thursday/Holy Thursday

Over at revgalblogpals, we have been taking a sabbatical from our regular postings. Instead each day one of us has posted something for that day as part of Holy Week. There are some good postings with good thoughts. Today it was my turn, go have a look at the Maundy Thursday/Holy Week post. And yes, I did post it early in the morning. I woke up early and could not go back to sleep. I'm now going to make some coffee and work on my sermons for Good Friday and Easter Sunday. It is quiet, and I am looking out the window at the stars, and the moon. How beautiful, what a sight to see for the beginning of a day. I stepped outside and felt the cool crisp air, and listened to the songs of the birds.

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Dr. Brian E. Clark said...

I enjoyed your posting today and needed to read it. Reflection on the meaning of this day and this week as a whole can be hard to come by with so much activity. Have a blessed week and a Joyous Easter celebration with your congregation!