Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Post Holy Week/Easter Sunday Grunge Day

For some reason, I don't remember last year wearing me out like this. But maybe it did and I don't remember. Maybe it was the all day Sunday headache? I just know that Monday I grunged all day. I did take Zachary to speech therapy and picked up the girls at school. I tried to read a book while waiting for Zach, but couldn't get the words to stop traveling on the page. Instead, I just flipped through a magazine looking at the pictures. We went to Zach's ball game Monday evening. Other than that I was in slow motion all day.
How about you?
I am counting the days down until we go on Spring Break vacation.
4 days and counting.
It will come Abi, be patient, it will come.
Anybody else on a Post Holy Week/Easter Holiday?


Sue said...

I'm on a few "stat days" but I head back to the office tomorrow. I'm desperately hoping for a few weeks of slow-down time at the church to get my energy back to a reasonable level.

It was a wonderful holy weeka and Easter, but boy, am I tired!

mompriest said...

Yes. But then I have a week that won't let me slow down...I get that next week when I go away for 8 days!!!

Amy said...

I was so wiped out, I didn't blog again until tonight...and I still wrote on Easter/holy week!