Sunday, December 24, 2006

When the flu bug bites...

....and its Christmas, you just drudge through.
When the flu bug bites, and you have got a Christmas Eve Sermon to preach,
you just do the best you can do.
When the flu bug bites and your spouse is working,
you call for help from church members to take care of the little ones.
When the flu bug bites and you still got Christmas shopping to do,
you uh don't do it.
When the flu bug bites, and you have presents to wrap, you just throw them in a handy gift bag, even if it isn't a Christmas gift bag, and put it under the tree.
When the flu bug bites you load up on medicine that means you make no sense to no one, and nothing or no one makes sense to you.
When the flu bug bites, and you got people to see, homebound, nursing home, hospital, and sick, you don't go see them, you just call.
When the flu bug bites, and you got to serve communion at the Christmas Eve service, you get the lay leader to serve it instead after you have blessed it, but not with your sneezes and coughs.
When the flu bug bites and there are guests at church, you don't hug or shake hands or go near them, you just offer greetings from down the aisle.
When the flu bug bites and you have church member die and a funeral to do, you just go do it, even though it means graveside too and out in the cold. (Which probably made me sicker.)
When the flu bug bites and you haven't blogged in awhile or commented, you just say a prayer that everyblogpal(especially revgalblogpals) knows you love them, care about them, and will blog and comment as soon as you can.
When the flu bug bites, and its Christmas, you just drudge through.

P. S. I hope you don't get bitten by the flu bug, but instead get all the hugs and love you need.
So Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night oh and God Bless Us Everyone!


Cathy said...

Bless you -- I am so very sorry you have had the flu. What is worse than having the flu in and of itself is to have to keep on moving, even if you have it. I hope you take the opportunity to lay low now.
Merry Christmas

Mary Beth said...

Oh, Abi! I've been concerned about not hearing from you (on blog) and now I know why.

Blessings on your fortitude! Peace and rest and hot tea to you.

Merry Christmas!!

zorra said...

((Rev Abi))

Now that the commotion is past, I hope you can sleep for a day or two. Merry Christmas, and feel better soon.

chartreuseova said...

Merry Christmas, hugs and well wishes.

Hope you are finally able to get some rest & get well.

Anonymous said...

Poor dear sick RevAbi, I pray you recover fully very soon. May God reward you for your "do it anyway" faithfulness.

Anonymous said...

May you be healed soon. At least you've kept a humorous spirit through it all!

revabi said...

Thank you revgalblogpals for your wonderful well wishes, thoughts and prayers. I am getting better.
I am not wishing this on anyone.

HeyJules said...

I managed to escape it (so far) but neither of my parents were that lucky. They were both land-bound in California while we all celebrated here in Kansas City.

Hope you are feeling better my friend!

the reverend mommy said...

We had it just after Thanksgiving. It was awful.
I hope you are feeling better.

(ANd I'm glad Blogger FINALLY let me comment. Blogger must have the flu, too.)

Anonymous said...

oh, i get this SO much! we had three or so rounds of it at our house this year. hope you are all better and may your time betwix Christmas and New Year's be filled with rest, joy and peace. love, carmen