Saturday, December 30, 2006

I must have been dreaming

Friday Five: Dream a Little Dream
From Songbird;

"In the Last Days," God says,"I will pour out my Spirit on every kind of people:Your sons will prophesy,also your daughters;Your young men will see visions, your old men dream dreams.When the time comes, I'll pour out my SpiritOn those who serve me, men and women both,and they'll prophesy."(Acts 2:17-18, The Message)

On this final Friday of 2006, it seems appropriate to speak of dreams.

A very important dream about a lighthouse played a role in my journey towards ordained ministry, and mine last night were vivid and included a flying church.

Please feel as untethered yourself in responding to this Friday Five.
Tell us all about:
1) a dream you remember from childhood I die and am buried young
2) a recurring or significant dream I am on a school bus winding around curves going all kind of places fast bumping up and down. Who is that wild driver? Why am I on this school bus.
3) a nightmare Someone is coming into the room reaching for me they are going to kill me. This has many variations.
4) a favorite daydream I am swimming, laying on a beach, soaring, being with my husband.
5) a dream for the New Year Just a dream?I have a dream for my children that they continue to grow in Jesus love and mercy. I dream of more one on one time with Bob. I dream of health for my church I am serving. I dream of a world where prejudice is no more, no more need for terrorism and wars, where starvation ends, homelessness is not a problem, abuse is stopped, oppression is gone, leadership by the best person, and good stewarship of the world. Just a dream mind you.

You know I don't know if I like these questions, and they are hard for me to answer.

So here is my bonus question: favorite song about dreaming, of course; "California Dreaming"
And yours?
How about a movie about Dreams: Groundhog Day


QuakerPastor said...

I also must admit a little trepidation with this week's Friday Five...too revealing? maybe...
Or is it that I am firmly entrenched in reality land and in my thoughts, dreams are the polar opposite of reality? That's likely too.
It just felt a little weird and not as fun as usual for me.
Thanks for playing!

Anonymous said...

I love your answers to #5. And yes, this list was hard... Songbird really knows how to make this game into a challenge!

zorra said...

Your answers were great. I decided I wasn't ready to put myself "out there" as openly as this Friday Five would require. Once in grad school I volunteered a dream for class interpretation, and afterwards I wished I hadn't.

Enjoy your blogger meetup! This old Calvinist wishes she could join y'all. We'll have an interdenominational get-together some day.

Leah said...

I especially love the boldness of your New Year's dreams! Oh, California Dreamin'--however could I forget? A bunch of others, also...

Cathy said...

I LIKE your bonus questionss!!

Song - Dream a Little Dream of(for) me

Movie with a dream -- The Snowman

Some of my dreams I didn't want to put out there either.... I have had them and don't want to see them in black and white!

Anonymous said...

quite a frightening dream from your childhood.

wonderful dreams for #4 and #5!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, even though it was hard for you! I'm a big fan of dream groups, especially virtually.

How about "I dreamed a dream" from Les Mis.

Free Flying Spirit said...

Thanks for being so honest....I was to a point. They were hard questions, but dreams can bring us right into us.

Some dreams are pretty hard to understand. They say we play every part in a dream...scary!

Sad that some dreams are so hellish, I'd rather have ones that soar. I do hope you have more time with Bob...alone time. I bet he'd go for that!

I like your dream for the new year...things to work toward for all of us.

Thanks for playing.