Wednesday, December 27, 2006

"Santa Bob" redeems himself

If you have read my previous post about Santa making a mistake, you know then what I am about to write. "Santa Bob" felt bad and went the day after Christmas amongst the crowds to purchase Christmas gifts for his wife. One thing he did was to go back to Lifeway and get the correct portable communion set. They even tried to sell him the same thing again. Lifeway, get a life. Then he went further and purchased some other items to make "Mrs. Claus Abi" happy. Yes, indeed, shoppping after Christmas and during the sales can be rewarding. And you can make your wife very happy.


Sally said...

It can be so hard to find grace at Christmas can't it- what a wonderful man you have there...
peace and blessings

and Lifeway... well!!!

Mary Beth said...

Woot! Go Bob!

Anonymous said...

congrats! good presents are just too fun!