Thursday, December 07, 2006

Were back

Thank you to everybody for offering prayers, and support for Kara's surgery Wednesday. It was a success. I forgot to mention they also put a tube in her ear to replace the one that fell out. (Those things are tiny.) Kara was a good girl and did well. She has had some pain, but not like what she had when they put in the palate. We all spent the night in the hospital room. Those chairs that fold out into beds are okay for one night but no more. Came home today about 3:30pm. Everybody was happy to be back. Although, Katy wanted to keep staying with Jack and Ernie because she got alot of special attention. Its soft diet for Kara for a month. Okay how many ice creams and milkshakes can one eat?

I also forgot to mention that the washing machine broke on Tuesday. Everybody said I broke it, but Bob was doing a load when it broke. Just because I kept doing load after load this weekend and kept wondering where the clothes were coming from has nothing to do with it. Actually no telling how old it was since it belonged to the church. The men brought a brand new one today with a bigger load capacity. And they told us not to break this one.

Again thank you for the prayers and thoughts.


zorra said...

That's great news! (Not just about Kara, but--a new washing machine too! I can only dream.)

Songbird said...

So glad to hear it went well. Healing thoughts being sent her way!

carmen said...

God is good! though the washing machine thing is a bummer, ack. when you get a chance, check out the meme you've been added to - i'd of e-mailed you but i've lost your e-mail address, sigh. blessings (and deeply grateful your little one is home and well), carmen

The Vicar of Hogsmeade said...

New washer with bigger load, just what every parsonage needs. And if you break it soon enough there's a warranty (I'm just saying)

Glad the surgery went well enough for you to be back home

Does macaroni and cheese count as soft food? I think my kids could eat Kraft macaroni and cheese for lunch and supper every day and mashed potatoes