Monday, December 25, 2006

Either I have been bad or Santa made a mistake

My husband being the good thoughtful "romantic" husband of mine that he is, went into the local Lifeway Christian Book store to get my Christmas present. He asked for a portable communion set, which they ssold him. But when I opened it Christmas morning, this is instead what I got: Communion Set - Remembrance® Box 210. He said they told him it was a portable communion set. Yeah, it is, but it isn't what he asked for, and it isn't a Christmas present.

I was hurt, and offended, and he felt humiliated. In a way for Bob it is the thought that counts. He tries hard, in fact too hard, and gets frozen about what to buy me, even if I give him hints or suggestions. I forgave him, but he hasn't forgiven himself yet. I haven't forgiven the salesperson at Lifeway yet. You see I have learned after this long of time together, I sure get a lot of thoughtful loving gifts all year long, everyday, and in ways I don't always realize. If I baased my marriage on the diamonds I haven't gotten, or the pearls that weren't natural or other fancy items that I didn't get, I would be divorced a hundred times over.

But isn't that the way it is with God and us, we don't get the once a year fancy diamonds, pearls and other fancy items from God. But everyday God is gifting us, even in ways we don't realize that are ten times more meaningful and loving and thoughtful than the once a year at Christmas gift. And by the way this gift of Christ that we seem to just celebrate at his birth is a gift that comes everyday for us as well.


Marty said...

Being a guy, and knowing what Bob thought he was getting would have been a great gift. Duh...them folks at Lifeway didn't have a clue. But how could they know your passion for communion and the vessles for delivering it.
His thoughts and intentions were good...dang them dern salespeople!

revabi said...

Thanks Marty.
You know Bob well, and his intentions, and you know me.

But what we don't know is what those dang salespeople were thinking.

Yep, I do have that passion as you do.

the reverend mommy said...

Those things are just SO BAD theologically -- if you can do the real thing, then who would want them?? I can understand using them if the battlefield or places like that, but I just think they are awful.

Poor Abi, poor Bob.

Anonymous said...

You're so wise, Abi, and gracious. It's obvious that you love each other far beyond the diamonds and pearls!

An aside -- I, too, have a gifter who gets frozen by the thought of disappointing. And then, in frozenness, disappoints! I always feel so bad about getting upset -- I mean, he's frozen, for goodness sake! :)

For some reason, this Christmas, he pulled it off. I had made a detailed list with sizes, colors, store locations, websites, etc, and forced him to do the same for me. His list had two items. Mine had 10. He picked one (where the color had been unspecified), made the color choice and it was LOVELY!! I was SO surprised, even though I put it on the list, and have praised him enthusiastically at least 100 times a day. We'll see if this means less frigid conditions for next year...

But even if it doesn't, you're right -- the everyday gifts are so much greater in meaning AND substance, if I'm honest about it. My robe will eventually fall apart. The fact that I've not changed a diaper all week -- that's gonna last for a while!
Blessings, Abi! ~April

Mary Beth said...

Oh, man! That stinks!

Poor Abi and Bob.

Anonymous said...

beautiful...not Lifeway (of course!) but you and bob.

i can totally relate with the lack of diamonds and pearls--i've just never been so eloquent about it! beautiful.