Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Playing sorry can be fun

On Tuesday evenings, Zach and Kara have dance. Dad takes them to that. I keep Kate. She has started this ritual recently of wanting to play Sorry on our Tuesday nights together. So we play Sorry. Sometimes she wins and sometimes I win. The big deal is that we play something together. We talk, laugh, and have fun together.

I used to hate Sorry. I hated going all the way around the board, only to have one of the other players get a Sorry, and knock my player out. I hated starting all over again. I hated losing, which is more by what cards you draw than by one's ability.

But I have come to enjoy playing sorry with my little girl, sometimes winning and sometimes losing, and not caring which one it is. They say a sign of maturity is when you don't always have to be first, don't get jealous of the other person who wins or is first, you don't always have to win. I must be finally maturing.

Its not Tuesday, but I think I'll go play Sorry with all the kids.


mompriest said...

I have many fond memories of playing games with my kids when they were they won't play with "Mom"...maybe in a few years...enjoy this time!!!

LutheranChik said...

Even though it's just the two of us, we love Family Game Night -- for us it's dominoes or Skip-Bo or Wii.