Monday, June 02, 2008


Meant to post this earlier. We closed on our house Friday. The pod will be picked up today and delivered to our new house. The moving team will come on Tuesday to unload. Bob has already gone to Huntsville this morning with the trailer full of the things that well wouldn't fit in the pod and that you have to bring yourself, lawn equipment.

Kate and Kara have a game tonight and so I am here with them. We are packing all the last little things. And we have the responsibility of doing some of the cleaning as well.

The Pastor Parish committee is meeting with a candidate tonight and they may be bringing he and his wife over to see the parsonage afterwards. Are we ready? Well, as long as they know we are in the process of moving yes.

We will be back and forth between the two places for awhile. This coming Sunday is my last Sunday. From Thursday to Saturday, I will be at the Annual Conference meeting.

Got to get my First 90 day plan sent to the D. S., and the conference liaison.

All this to say, I'll have sporadic use of the internet, and little time to post. I'll try to keep you up on the move and things as I can.


revhipchick said...

blessings on this time of transition.

Rev SS said...

Blessings on your move ...and on your new ministry! Look forward to hearing all about it.

Singing Owl said...

Doesn't it seem like such a short time ago that you were moving?

Ah, God be with you, Abi, in this move, and the new transitions and adjustments.

So you will have to change your blog name again??

Mary Beth said...

Loves and blessings to you all in this new adventure!!