Saturday, May 10, 2008

Celebrating women, celebrating moms

Introducing you to Liz McCartney of the St. Bernard Project
What's a young woman to do with her life? She had it pretty good in Washington, D. C. But living 1,000 miles away in Washington, Liz McCartney was haunted by images of Katrina's destruction and stories of people like Aguilar. In February 2006, she, her boyfriend, Zack Rosenburg, along with her mother went to New Orleans to volunteer. But it didn't end there. They quit their jobs and moved to St. Bernard Parish. Now they're dedicated to helping people rebuild and move back into their homes. To day, the project has enabled more than 120 families to move back into their homes. She has been nominated as one of CNN's Heroes.
You can find some videos about the project and Liz McCartney at CNN.
A daughter a mom would be proud of.

And what about the story of Central Washington softball players Liz Wallace and Mallory Holtman carrying around Western Oregon's Sara Tucholsky around the bases after she hit a home run but tore up her knee. Did it just say that the team mates of one team carried around the bases a member of the opposite team? Say what? Now that is the kind of player I want my girls to grow up to be like. You can watch the ESPN video here. And here is the whole story.
They call it "Sportsmanship", how about you?
Daughters a mom would be proud of.
I don't know about you all the buzz about celebrity moms really bothers me.

Michelle Duggar being pregnant with her 18th is just crazy. The only way the family makes it is if the older ones pull a lot of the weight. And who could afford paying for all those kids? Well if you go on tv like they did, well maybe you can. It just seems overboard.
And finally let's celebrate our own moms.
My mom wasn't a celebrity mom. She was a fish out of water being a mom in the South. She was from the North; whose mom worked outside of the home and couldn't cook one little bit. It was a learning curve for mom who hadn't even planned to move to the South once married. I don't think she even wanted to have kids as soon as she did. But have them she did. She learned to cook, but to this day would rather not. She also worked part time while we were growing up to help pay the bills, but mainly she didn't work. It was hard on her staying at home and raising us kids, but she did it. She suffered from depression.
Being a mom now with three kids, I now know why she had a hard time. With three you are overwhelmed and things are happening all the time.
My mom was such a giver to not only us but to everybody. If there was a need she was there reaching out, offering help. She was way involved in the church, teaching Sunday school, training union and the children. And she was a leader of the women's group. (We were Baptist.) She helped start the meals on wheels at our church while we were kids. How did she do it all?
My mom went to work full time after we all finished school. She really was in her element then.
I celebrate my mom for her loving us, for her mothering us, for her teaching us about how treat others, and for teaching us about Jesus. Thanks MOM!
A Mom a daughter could be proud of.

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