Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Post Christmas day let down?

Nahhh. Not here. We had pancakes this morning. My sister is taking the kids swimming in a few moments. She has hinted at possibly taking them to a movie later, oh bliss a few moments without. Actually they have been pretty good. Zachary was playing with his remote control Pirate ship this morning and the sisters were too. The remote control is in the shape of a skull, aargh me matey. And they were playing with all the Hannah Montana dolls , Barbie Dolls, and High School Musical dolls they got along with the extras. Denise's house now looks like mine, a mess. Yea, her house never looks like a mess.

I have been thinking about Christmas day and missing my dad and my Pop. Dad has been dead since 98, but all the little things he did at Christmas and all his baking is missed. Plus he was good at present giving. Pop, well was Pop, he had a sense of humor that never stopped, not that he made fun of you, but just enjoyed life. Plus he liked to play card games with us. He was pretty good at them even when his eyes started to fail him. He died this last year and I have really missed him. I am so grateful for all the days I did have with them in my life.

I was thinking also for those grieving that are more in the news; like those who lost family and friends in the Tsunami three years ago. Those who lost family and friends on 9/11; that held their last mass at the site for Christmas eve, because all the building around the site will make it impossible for them to do it again. Those who lost family and friends on the Gulf Coast due to Katrina or lost homes and jobs. Those who lost family members and friends in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Well, the list could go on, couldn't it. I forgot the football player and others of notoriety. Soooo.

But for those who grieve the whole holiday scene can be a let down. I have been there at the holidays when it was, and when I was so depressed nothing was uplifting. But through the years as I have let myself more experience the grace of God in my life, the love of friends and family, and focus on the Christ child, it hasn't been such a downer. I hope if it has been that way for you, that you too can let the grace of God come in, and feel the love from your friends and family and focus on the Christ Child or find whatever it is that God has for you that sustains through this time and throughout all time.


Lorna said...

Post Christmas day let down?

Never. I love boxing day. It's a holiday here and we went to church for the carol singing at 4pm and had visitors for supper after.

Lovely :)

Tomorrow hubby is back at work and TS and I will go swimming (if the pool is open again) to try to work off some of the lard that accumulates under your ribs at this time of year.

Singing Owl said...

((((((((Abi)))))))) It has been that way for me. Some Christmas times have been wonderful and some very much not, but I try to think of Christmas in different ways...also to think of it as a season and not a DAY and that helps too. I was lonely this year (no kids or family here this time, mom in nursing home, missing those who have died) but the grace of God has been real. It is good to be able to say, "I'm fine" and, in spite of everything, mean it!

Lorna said...

Those who lost family and friends on 9/11; that held their last mass at the site for Christmas eve, because all the building around the site will make it impossible for them to do it again.

It seems a shame that they will re-build. But not suprising really.

My one and only trip to NYC was in March after 9/11 and we visited ground zero. It was such a shock and a privilege to pray there. But it was also a testimony to 'life goes on' and not giving in to terrorism.

We all still mourn these (and other) victims. Also those in London. And recently those here in the Tuusala high school in Finland. Sometimes life doesn't make sense - but God is good all the time - we have to remember that most especially when we cannot see Him.

revhipchick said...

you have the most thoughtful posts. i really wish i could hear you preach--i imagine it's just as moving and wonderful--probably more so!

enjoy your short break today!