Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Eve

It is with such joy that I wish all a Merry Christmas. I hope all of your Christmas Eve services go well. We are traveling today down to my mom's in Florida. We left after worship yesterday and headed to our halfway point in Columbus, Ga to spend the night with our Son and family. We passed out our gifts to the grand sons and they to us. It was great fun. The big hit with everybody was a remote control pirate ship for the 4 yr old. He had to fight off the big boys and adult boys to be able to play with it. But he finally got to play with that. Grandma takes credit for getting that one.

The kids are playing wildly around here this morning. That's good, they can get some of it out before we hit the road. We'll come back here on our way back and spend a few more days here.
Right now its off to Grandma's house we go, and the kids are so excited. I am too. And we get to see our nephew who is in the marines and headed to Iraq in the next couple of months. Now seeing him will be worth the trip.

So whether you are traveling or staying, be safe, and have a great time. And may Santa bring you what you asked for. But most of all may you receive in your heart the gift of the Christ-child!


zorra said...

Traveling mercies and a blessed Christmas to you and yours.

Lorna said...

love the sound of that toy :) I wanna go - NOW :)