Saturday, December 29, 2007

The itchies and playing cards

Well the shingles have turned into major itching spots. I have pain med but not itching med. It is quite uncomfortable. Could not sleep last night for all the itching. I almost took some of the pain med to put me out of my misery but opted not to. Finally fell asleep early this morning. I will now buy some itching meds. I cannot stand it. Somebody better put socks on my hands, so I don't make it worse.

We have been playing lots of cards with my mom. I have not won any games. This used to really bother me. I would get mad and huff off, sometimes even throw my cards everywhere. I was very competitive and had to win. In fact I was that way with any game I played and any sports I played. It was not a pleasant site to see in me, and people didn't like playing against me or with me. I have had to work on it a lot. I have to make choices in the middle of games that it was okay to lose. I had a mantra for awhile, it is okay to loose, you are here to be with the other people. But now I can play and loose every game and it doesn't matter, because I am enjoying being with the other people.

I have to do a genogram for the class I am taking on Healthy Family Systems. I have been interviewing my mom about her family and dad's side of the family. I asked her where I got the competitiveness from. She thought about it and remembered I used to play cards at my grandparents and that they were always competitive and that I probably learned some of it from them. I think it is also because I was insecure and wanted to be number one, not be a loser because I already felt like one inside. I hope that I can be competitive when I need to, but not in a bad way, but also enjoy the people I am with. And I hope I can keep liking myself and being comfortable within myself too.


Rev SS said...

Yikes! Sorry you have the Shingles. Praying they leave soon.

net said...

Hey Abi!

My CRNP prescribed Silver Sulfad, CR for the itching when I had the shingles second time around. It's a topical ointment that's great for burns too. She also gave me an anti-viral which cut down on the duration and took care of most of the neuralgia.

I wish I had this stuff the first time. Cut the lesions recovery time in half. I had neuralgia for over a year in the affected nerve.

Take care of you.

Your friend, the cutthroat "Canasty" player.

mompriest said...

((Abi))...I hope you feel better soon...glad you can enjoy the people you are with!

teachergran said...

Sorry to hear about the itchies. A few years ago I had severe hives (with no cause that was ever determined - they just sort of stopped occurring eventually) and I found that Aveno's anti-itch cream was the absolute best for itchies. Hope yours go away soon.
I liked your post about card-playing. I don't think I played cards much when I was young, so maybe that's why I never win often enough to feel competitive about it now! My mom's mom was one of the world's most ferocious card players. I remember her playing (though I don't remember the game - maybe crazy 8s or go fish) with my #2 daughter (about 5 at the time). They played for hours and I could see my grandma struggling to let her great-granddaughter win a few hands!! However, that afternoon cemented a bond that they felt for many years afterward.
Prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery!

Mary Beth said...

Oh, dear Abi! what an insight.

I hope you will take those meds and get out of your misery if you need to. I have not had shingles (knock wood) but I know many who have.

Sending benisons and non itching thoughts...

Barbara B. said...

Hope you get the itchies under control soon -- that's no fun!

I can relate to being competitive, but (like you) I have also improved on that one! Thank goodness! :)

Sue said...

Ouch!! I hope you have a better night tonight.

revabi said...

Thankyou all, it is better. Haven't thought about silver sulfad, I'll ask Bob. But I did get the antiviral meds and I think it is working. So thank you.

It's amazing how many of you have had shingles. Ya'll take the vaccine when you are suppose to, I am.

the reverend mommy said...

I have the anti-virals (a big bottle of big blue pills) for the first signs of a flare up -- they work, but just not fast enough!

I finally had to get a prescription anti-itch medicine from the Dr. and it was so-o-o-o good... You know the true meaning of relief when the itching is soothed away....

I don't play Dominos anymore with my family b/c of the competition thing. Just gets on my very last nerve!

Sounds like the diagram can be a really healthy thing.