Monday, December 10, 2007

Down for the Count, but not out

What does one do when they are hit with a sinus infection? They go to bed, take medicine, and sleep alot, at least with this one. Sunday a week ago, I just thought I had a cold. I looked out in our congregation and it was slim pickings. As we did our prayer requests, I heard, oh they are out with a sinus infection, oh they are too, oh them too, along with all the other requests. We had a little one home with strep as well. Monday I went to be with a family during surgery at a local hospital, but the surgery was delayed, so I went to the minister's meeting. The longer I was there, the sicker I felt, I just had to leave and come home. Got an appointment with the Doctor, thinking I had gotten the strep because my throat hurt really bad. No, not strep, which I was glad of, but a Sinus infection. Thank God he started me right away with meds or it would have been a lot longer and a lot worse. It made me think about my older folks getting hit with it and how hard it must have been on them. This Sunday we had many back, but many were still out with sinuses, flu and colds. It is that time of year. I was able to preach Sunday which is a blessing.

On other notes:

  • Our kids were in the local Christmas Parade on their Dance Studio float on Friday night. I got to go watch. It was a lot of fun.

  • Our orders for Angel Food ministries quadrupled this month. What a blessing.

  • We have three families on our "Christmas Bear Tree", like an Angel Tree, we are helping with Christmas. We took three of the kid's little bear tags, one for each of our kids. Kara and I went shopping for the one girl's tag. She just had a hard time understanding why we were buying for this little girl. I had to keep talking to her about it. Zack wanted to know why his name wasn't on the tree. Help.
  • We had a great time at our St. John Christmas Dinner and Hanging of the Greens.
  • Our worship team has been doing some different things this Advent in worship and in the decorations which are really meaningful.
  • I have really enjoyed the Isaiah passages for preaching this Advent.
  • My husband taught the Wednesday night Bible Study for me. What a great husband. He said he didn't do a good job. And I asked him "well did they discuss the passage?" and he said "yes", I said,"then you did a good job."
  • I was blessed with doing our District Committee interviews of our Local Pastors and others.
  • I missed the revgal's Friday Five and the Saturday Preacher's Party. Come to think of it, I have missed a lot this last week. I missed alot of your bloggin too. Hope to get around to visit you all.
  • Hope you all are well, and if not a speedy recovery.


Diane said...

feel better soon...

zorra said...

Get well soon! A sinus infection is miserable any time, much less this busy season.

ElastiGirl said...

What a great husband!! I cannot imagine Mr Incredible offering to lead a Bible study - he's a good audience though...
Glad you're feeling better - I'll keep you in my prayers

Deb said...

I had "something" a few weeks ago and it is lingering forEVER. So good for you that you did not procrastinate (my personal habit) and go to the doc right away...

And blogging will keep!

Sue Densmore said...

Abi - I'm glad you are feeling better again. Sounds like you're having a good time down there!

Diane said...

hoping you are feeling better!

revhipchick said...

i hope you recover quickly from the sinus infection--they are miserable. {{{rev Abi}}}


revhipchick said...

i hope you are doing better, and hopefully better enough to come and play "7 random things about me" meme. :)

mompriest said...

Oh my, Abi. I am so sorry you are feeling so badly...I know a lot of people who have had "the sinus infection" this year. It seems to be a doozy...I hope you feel better soon!

I think it is really difficult to help our kids understand that many children do not have the life and things we are blessed get's easier as they get older and see kids in their least it helped my daughter gain perspective on our family.

Sally said...

Just dropping by to wish you a joyful and wonderful Christmas.
Lots of love and a hug