Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Not ticks, but chiggers

To follow up with the tiny tick story, I have been meaning to write this, and other posts. I meant to play the friday five and didn't. I have had a lot of meant toos, and get around to its as well. However we had a death that took place that took lots of my time with the family and the situation.

I got all the tiny ticks off that day. Bob went out and mowed the path. Since that day I have been wearing long pants and my hiking boots. They seem to be attracted to light clothing and shoes. Bob did find one tick on him the next day. But you know what I found later, was chiggers. I have chiggers from that walk, all up and down my legs. I am miserable from the itching and the tiny bumps. Been using a lot of benedryl and steriod cream. It is starting to feel better.

But the chigger bites got me thinking of things that get "under my skin". I read where the chigger doesn't actually get under your skin, rather they attach and inject a fluid into the tissue which dissolves it. The fluid injection causes welts to appear which may last for two weeks, and some people are very allergic to the fluid. But none the less, it does feel like something has gotten under your skin, and you can't get it to stop itching. I have to live with these welts for 2 weeks? yuck. I haven't had chigger bites in a long time. Oh well.

But it got me started thinking about though the things I let get me "under my skin". You know what I mean, things people say or do. My kids know how to get under my skin quicker than anything. I also let people who say they are going to do things and then don't get under my skin. I let those who know something that needs to be done, and then put it off hoping some one else will do it get under my skin. Next thing I know I got a lot of things bothering me, causing me to itch and be uncomfortable. I wish I didn't let people's words and actions get under my skin so much, but they do.

I have been trying to practice that principle of letting them go to God and and letting their behavior and actions go to God and not let them bother me so much. And I have been trying to practice the principle of not worrying so much about these things and how will they get done, and when will they get done, and will I have to do it myself. It is very hard to do. But I think it also involves the principle of speaking up about the behavior and the effect it has on persons, me and others. Saying it in a way that states that, and letting it go.

Some people exhibit an allergic reaction to the fluid of the chigger which may result in severe swelling, itching, and fever. I think some of my "allergic reaction" to people who get under my skin is related to some of my issues I have not finished working through and am presently working on in therapy. I often have what is called post traumatic reactions to things, and it takes me awhile to sort through all my feelings and reaction. I am working on these things so I don't have such allergic reactions. I can't really tell you what all I am doing presentl y but it involves some body work, journaling, art, meditation, imagery. Yes, that is work and time and energy, but it is time, work and energy well spent.

Many years ago, when I was dating my husband and we were getting closer, my parents were coming for a visit and to meet Bob. Well, the day before they got there I had the worse case of hives. I had not had them up until that time. I was so anxious about their visit and their meeting Bob that it got under my skin, and my nerves went into overtime work. Needless to say I got through it, and the hives went away. But one of the things I was having to do at that time with my parents were setting boundaries, healthy ones. As I have set healthy boundaries with them, I have been able to set healthy boundaries with myself and others.

I just thought I had to be a wide open person, and give people anything they wanted or needed. And that I had to put up with whatever people did or said. I don't. Healthy boundaries are a part of not letting people get under my skin. Perhaps I am now in a time of setting healthy boundaries for myself in some different places in my life.


Serena said...

Great analogy for this very thoughtful reflection. Thanks for sharing.

mompriest said...

really cool reflection on body responses to life...I'm glad you are doing body work in addition to the other healing modalities. As a former massage therapist I am a true believer in the healing body, mind, and spirit...through the appropriate healing processes.

(ticks and chigggers, yuk. We are getting an outbreak of itch mites up north here...I've had a few bites, no fun. But not ticks nor chiggers...)

mompriest said...

unless chiggers is another word for itch mites?

Mary Beth said...

Yea for your boundaries!

Once I had a chigger bite get VEEERY infected...had a staph infection...spent 3 nights in hospital.

It was located, uh, on my posterior. TMI? Sorry.

The little things can get very, very big!