Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Monday doings

  • Got the title to my Honda Odyssey today, its now officially paid off. No more big car payments. Now will it last. I really put the mileage on it while living in Wadley. It will have to last, I am not buying a new car for awhile. I don't seem to be putting as much mileage on it these days. But most of all, thank God it is paid off.
  • Kids are really enjoying being back in school, can you believe it? The girls already have homework, but not Zach yet. He was jealous that he didn't have homework. Bob tried to explain it to him, that it will come soon enough. Katy goes around singing "I am happy, I love my school. I love my teacher. I love my desk. Happy happy Katy." Kara just cannot say her teacher's name yet, but she'll get it. Zachary thinks that his teacher is beautiful and wants to marry her.
  • Our one day VBS is over. It was a great success. The kids had a great time. In fact everybody had a great time. I am not sure if the adults had more fun or the kids. We had a big water slide out front for the kids to slide on at the end of the day. It was a sight to be hold and in fact cars were slowing down to get a look. We agreed it was good PR. I think we are going to do it this way again. We have all been talking about what a fun good time we all had getting ready and doing it. In fact I used it in my sermon Sunday. They did a great job. We had men and women working it. And we had a good group of kid, especially the older age group. Yea!
  • Sunday I preached on Passionate Spirituality from the NCD eight characteristics of a healthy growing church. In the end people came up and were talking about the sermon. Like I said I talked about how God was in the planning, the day of VBS. People were grinning while I was preaching. The Grand niece of two of our members came and played violin for our special music. She listens to U Tube, teachers herself the piece and then plays it. What a gift, and she is only 11. She did a great job.
  • One of the revgals talked about de accumulating from their library books they were no longer using. I really need to do that. I still have some from college and seminary days. But it seems like in the major changes in ministry in the last couple of years, I have bought a lot of new books. I can't keep up. I am slowly finishing ones I have bought and planned to read like, "They Love Jesus, but not the church". I really like that book, it has inspired me more to try to get out of my "Christian Bubble" into meeting people who are not church goers. I read "The Secret Life of Bees" which I also really liked. It got me looking for the Black Madonnas. It is interesting the different ones and different theories surrounding them. I am about to finish "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Berg. I like the eat part in Italy, although I would probably gain more weight than she did eating like she did. I had trouble reading about her time in India, its foreign to my world. I am just getting started with her time in Indonesia. But I had to remind myself she was in a time of seeking. But a lot of what I read these days are about NCD, trying to understand it, and how to implement the findings for our church.
  • Last but not least, my back has been giving me fits for about a week. Lots of Ibprophen, heat, massages, and stretching. It gets better, and then starts back. I don't know what I did, but this is for the birds. I told one of the church members, if it doesn't get better this week, I am going to go see the chiropractor. I am walking around like a stoved up ole woman. My kids even told me I was old the other day. Thanks kids.
Well thats all the news from Lake Wilson, where all the women are really good looking, the men are too, and the kids are really above average!


Diane said...

oooh feeling your pain on the back thing... I had something like that in the spring, called "confirmation camp..." will check in to see if it's better.

teachergran said...

How did you end up liking "Eat, Pray, Love"? It was not on my list of to-reads, but was chosen by my book group, so I reluctantly bought and read it. However, I found that once I started it, her writing sort of sucked me in - I loved the way she could describe the food in Italy! I think I gained weight just reading about it!! I also had a feeling that what happened in India (and Indonesia) were both somewhat removed from my personal sphere, though I appreciated the descriptions of what she was learning about each culture as there are many people from India and some from Indonesia near me in the SF Bay Area.
I hope your back pain is better. I was surprised by how debilitating that can be. (So far I've been fortunate that it has been a rare occurrence.)
Glad your kids are liking school. Best wishes to each of them for a great year! I love the feelings of potential and new beginnings at the start of a school year!
Finally, congrats on paying off your car - I just did the same with my Honda!