Friday, August 03, 2007

I bloggeth something

Yea, verily there comes in ones life a time when they just cannot bloggeth.
They sit with hands poised on the keyboard, but no words come forth, no meaningful thoughts, no funny happenings. Thou then step away from the computer to think about it, eat something, drink something, pray, clean up the bathroom, play with your kids, hoping that the word will come.

Sometimes writing sermons are like that, the first words, thoughts, feelings just don't come. It is a struggle to come up what to write or say. you feel like the Holy Spirit has failed your or the connection is not there. So you readjust yourself, try to reconnect if the connection is down, and hope you come up with what will sound meaningful.

But there is something different. The blogging world are people I don't see face to face. The people who read our blogs are not people we know.

So I force myself to bloggeth something. So I bloggeth that we are back down in the area where I served as Pastor for five years. My girls are flower girls for their former baby sitter who is getting married. My girs are so excited, my boy is jealous. The wedding is not in the church I preached at, but the church the groom is a member of, it is bigger. I am not the officiant, its Baptist, his pastor is officiating. I get to sit and participate. It feels funny to be back here after a year. Can't say why exactly, but I'll write about it later.


Iris Godfrey said...

Good to heareth that thou bloggeth! You are missed, but I understandth.

teachergran said...

Abi, I bet your girls are darling as flower girls and I can imagine them fairly floating with anticipation. (I was never a flower girl, but have seen the frenzy of excitement that "my" kids (in my classes)have over getting to participate in such an IMPORTANT way when they are flower girls or ring bearers.) I hope you enjoy your visit back to your old home. Going back to a place where you no longer live can be a slightly weird experience sometimes. Safe travels!

DogBlogger said...

Good post. Realized I haven't blogged in a week myself. Would have played the Friday Five yesterday, but no time! Now, off to my Emmaus reunion group...

the reverend mommy said...

I glad you bloggeth. I bloggeth scads this week. I guess it comes in spurts.

You know what they say -- you never really can go home again.


Diane said...

thank you for bloggeth-ing. I was beginning to wondereth.

The Vicar of Hogsmeade said...

I'm glad it was "nothing to say" instead of something serious happening to the family. Glad to "hear" from you

1-4 Grace said...

Hope all goes well with the wedding. I know it will be odd beign in a Baptist church agian.
I have been to a few Baptist weddings and funerals. I have to bite my tongue with soem of the stuff they say and do.
I have to remind myself that just because we disagree does not mena God loves them less or me more.
Anyhow, hope it goes well.
I foudn myselkf full of sarcasim last night watching the local news. Almost every stuff had some humor in it for me.
Even the robbery at Hardess became funny. It seems it happened late at night and there were only women working then.
the local male they interviewed says, "well, they need to do something, ya-know-what-I- mean
Like they outha have a man in there. Yes, a man woudl make a difference with a hang gun pointed at him.
Yup...full of myself last night.
I hope you cna include a photo of the girls in theiredding attire. :)

mompriest said...

Those desert dry spells of blogging. I know them too...and I've only been blogging for less than a year...

It's ok. I look forward to the day(s) when you have more to day than you have time to write. Both happen.

In the meantime, I hope you and your family enjoy this wedding!

Mary Beth said...

So glad to hear from you!

love you