Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A new racing family is in the making...

Did I say we were staying in North Carolina? What was I thinking other than we do spend a lot of time in North Carolina. Actually we are in Tennessee. Sieverville to be exact, home of Dolly Parton. We are staying at the Smokey Mountain Resort, part of the Wyndham Vacation Resorts, was Fairfield before.

Today we caved into the kids and took them to the NASCAR Speed Park. But I made them promise that the next day we go back to the Smokies. You can race various size go carts on various tracks at various speeds. But you must reach a certain height for most of them. Our kids could drive the ones that go about the speed of riding lawnmower. They had a blast. I turned to Bob and said "well I guess we can't let them do the lawn mowing now."

They did have some other kiddie rides they could ride as well. They didn't want to ride the faster go cars, even if they could ride with dad driving. So now a new racing family is in the making, The Wilke family. Although I ended up with a sunburn standing around, looking pretty, holding the trophy for the winner in the winner's circle. (I just made that up.) I was the one taking the pictures while standing in the sun all day. Tomorrow we conquer Clingman's dome or it conquers us. Have a happy fourth of July ya'll.

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