Saturday, July 07, 2007

Home Sweet Home

We are home, after a long trip back from Tenn. Drove most of the way back in good rain. Thank you Lord for the rain, you know we have been so dry. Now spare those states taht are flooding from continued down pours.

I want to thank the Martins for taking care of our animals while we were gone. And thank you to our neighbor for mowing our front yard too. And the house wasn't bad at all.

The kids were tired and went to bed to early, and here I am still up catching up on email and blogging while I can.

We had a great vacation. The last full day there we played more putt putt which the kids really liked. Good thing the Resort had one of their own you could play for free. And we took them to the petting zoo. Now that was really a blast, and the kids didn't want to leave. When I asked them which ones they like the best, they said, they liked them all. Got to talking to the caretaker, and learned a lot more about their story and how they take care of the animals. It was obvious they were taken care of.

The kids want to go back to Tenn. soon. I do too. They will be a little older and will be able to do more hikes.


mompriest said...

Sounds fun. Glad you got to have this vacation time with your family.

1-4 Grace said...

So glad the trip was good. Wish i coudl have seen kids with the animals...a great combo anytime!
Will sure miss seeing you in Hotlanta, but I will be tied up that night, Take care!

Diane said...

I have never been to Tennesee or Alabama. There's a lot to see, that I want to see. (I'd like to go to North carolina too... see you've been there as well.)