Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wii Fit/WIISpiritual Fit

I gave in or caved in and bought the WII Fit even after Hassleback complained about how it ruins kids self esteem. I not sure where she got that. But I like it. I didn't like what it had to say about me. It is honest, didn't mince words about my shape and fitness. Yes, I am obese. It keeps telling me I am unbalanced, I could have told it that. I have always run into doors. It makes me work, and yet have fun. The worst thing it told me was I was 6 years older than I am by WII Fit standards. But it is the truth. In the last years, I have not excercised regularly at all. And well it shows. But I like doing it and I will keep doing it. I like having my trainer, she keeps encouraging me and challenging me.

It made me think about my own spiritual life. How fit am I with that? Will WII come up with a WII Spiritual Fit that tells me I am out of shape, have sinned, didn't read my bible or pray? Will it have my own Spiritual Trainer who encourages me to read the bible, pray, meditate, be still and know that I am God, tithe, be missional, love others, or witness? Will it say I live a balanced Spiritual life between being and doing? That may not be such a bad idea.

(That's not my cat on the WII Fit balance board, but my cat could use it.
Actually this one is from Flickr)

So how Fit are you? How fit is your spiritual life? Do you Wii Fit?


Andrea said...

This was a great post! You are so right. It's important for us to maintain a good level of spiritual physical fitness. I love how you tied this altogether! Awesome!

I'm glad you're pressing on with your exercise! Be encouraged:)

the reverend mommy said...

Hmmm... someone needs to write a video game where you can do a "prayer walk" with the Wii....

Or maybe I should just go outside.

mid-life rookie said...

I had similar thoughts on spiritual fitness here. You'll have to scan about half way down the post to get to that part.

bythesea said...

Ooh, a Wii spiritual fit, fun idea! I didn't know the Wii fit gave you a trainer. Maybe with the spiritual fit it'd give you a Spiritual Director. :) congrats on the exercise. I joined the local Y a couple weeks ago and haven't been yet. :/