Wednesday, February 04, 2009


We bought a WII for Christmas for the family, and have been playing regularly since then. We took it along to Grandma's for the holidays and now Grandma wants one. I am saving money for that gift.

But we have a great time playing. It has especially been good during these cold days. The favorite game, hands down: bowling,
second; golf,
third; baseball,
fourth; tennis,
Who is the top player and winner? It's a tie between Bob and Kate.

A word of advise, don't play WII with your slippers on while playing on a wood floor. I took a nice fall doing that yesterday. We were playing the bowling game, and some how or another, my feet went out from under me and there I went, bam. Nothing broken, just a good laugh for the kids. Oh and I got a spare.

I ordered the WII Fit and am waiting on it to come.

Anybody else WII?

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the reverend mommy said...

Wii Wii.

Lots of games and stuff. The kids love it. I just got them "MyWord Coach." Good Stuff.