Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Three Cups of Tea and me

I have been meaning to read the book Three Cups of Tea for some time now, and just have not been able to get around to it. So I packed it in my bag for this trip and have been reading it in snatches whenever I can. I have even stayed up late reading it. I hope to finish reading it in time to give the copy to my mom and sister to read. It is a very powerful book to read.

In a time and culture when we pay more attention to movie stars, recording stars and athletes who make millions of dollars, here is a man who is so different and doing things so different. It is the story of Greg Mortenson who after a fall from K2 in the high mountains of Pakistan, began "climbing an other mountain." He has been self sacrificing, making very little income, putting his life on the line, to build schools, medical facilities and water filtration units for the people living in these mountains. And his work has made such an impact on these impoverished people, their homes, their communities and their families for a long time to come. I found myself drawn into his life work and into the villages and the people who lived there and their lives. I wanted to go work with him. I wish I had the single minded focus and passion he does.

If you have not read this book, read it, you will be glad you did. And then when you read it share it with someone else. And do something. There is a website for Three Cups of Tea and it tells you what you can do to help. And if this is not your passion and focus, then find out what it is and do something.


gavin richardson said...

i got that book in a dirty santa present. think i gave it to erin to read.. wonder what happened to that?

chartreuseova said...

It's been while since I read it, but I devoured it quickly. Very inspiring, I think it is one of the books I "forced" hubby to read at least part of it.

I think it's time for a re-read.

teachergran said...

I read this as a book for a discussion group at my brother's church several years ago. I then sent it to my daughter in the military, though I doubt she has read it. Like you, Abi, I wanted to go work with Mr. Mortensen! I highly recommend the book (and doing something to help this ministry).