Monday, December 01, 2008

First Advent for us at Trinity

We had such a good time over Thanksgiving.
Our funds are a little low so we didn't do anything that cost money this weekend and that was okay. We just had a good time together.

Last night Trinity had an Old Fashioned Christmas for the families.
It involved bringing and sharing finger foods, bringing a gift for children of the Upper Sand Mountain Parish, and making a craft.
Afterward, the children presented their Christmas program "A Lesson and Carols" And they did a very good job. I got the privilege of doing the opening prayer and benediction. Our three sang with their group of kids and the larger group. It was a joy to hear their voices. Several people came up and said something about Zachary knowing all the words to the songs. Not surprised he is very quick to learn things.

I also enjoyed the worship in the contemporary service where we actually sang some advent hymns and had an advent candle lighting. We also baptized three children along with receiving a family into the church. It was a full worship service. Our new worship leader does such a good job.

Next week I preach in Traditional and we also have communion. It too will be a full service. And I love Traditional too.

This week is busy with the UMW big Christmas dinner, Blue Christmas Healing Service, the kids' Chinese party, and some other events. And while I write this it is snowing outside. Wow. Thank you God.

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