Monday, December 08, 2008

Baking sugar cookies and face painting

Saturday, the older adopted Chinese girls had a baking cookies and face painting party. We hosted it at the church, so one lone boy was along for the fun.

And it was a lot of fun had by all, including the parents. We had about five families with about nine kids in all. We get them together regularly so they can be with kids that look like themselves. They are often the only Asian in their classroom, grade or school. We also get them together so we parents can compare notes, celebrate and support each other.

The adults made the mix and baked the cookies. The kids did the cookie cutting and decorated them. I was surprised that there really wasn't that much of a mess to clean up even with all the icing, and sprinkles that got used. Some cookies ended up with more icing than anything else. One kid got creative and made cookie sandwiches. They were all very pretty and tasted good.

Then the oldest girl did face painting for the kids. She is quite the artist. She was also practicing for the Chinese New Year celebration. As you can see from Zach's she did a good job.

While the adults cleaned up and talked the kids were playing with the balloons we had brought to mark where we were meeting. They were having the best time. It was good to see everybody playing and having a good time.

My kids wanted to come home and bake some more, so we will have another baking time soon.

The Families with Children from China are having their Christmas party this Thursday, so that will be our next get together.

Say you want some yummy well decorated sugar cookies?

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1-4 Grace said...

how wonderful you are all able to get together, compare notes, and be supportive.
Also, glad to see there are still connections to the kids' culture and background. Too precious to lose for them
And cookies are fun, anytime.
Iam a gingerbread fan, but have gotten used to doing sugar as well.
We had crowns for the kids to enjoy on Christ the King Sunday.
Always, trying to think of somethign fun to do, but run out of ideas fast!