Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A salute to veterans

I am child of a veteran and a granddaughter of veteran.

I have son who is a veteran.

I have nephews presently serving in Iraq;
one in the army and one in the marines.

I live with a veteran.

I serve a church full of veterans.

I live in a town full of veterans.

And sadly I live in a town that has homeless,
and jobless veterans. Cartoon by
Jimmy Margulies

To all the veterans I know and don't know, I salute you today and I thank you for our freedom.

I pray for more recent veterans who now suffer so much from these recent wars.

In honor of the veterans a cartoon by Jeff Koterba, Omaha World Herald, NE;

If you have a chance check out the political cartoons on Veteran's day


lorna (see throughfaith) said...

bless them all - they serve King and Country (or in the USA president and country)and whether they should be there today or not is not the question -let's just thank them for serving with faithful hearts. right?

PS one lovely thing in Finland.My FIL isn't a veteran - he served after WW2 cleaning the seas of mines. Tomorrow he and his wife (MIL) go to a 10 day retreat at the spa to keep in shape. his part is paid for by the veterans association in gratitude. yay. She has to pay her part but it's a lovely vacation and break for both these golden oldies and I'm proud of them both in different ways.

Steve said...

Wow, Abi, I had no idea you had such connections to veterans who served their country. This was a very nice tribute.

revabi said...

Thanks Steve, I didn't even know it myself until I blogged it. And here I am a dove.