Saturday, November 22, 2008

Missing preaching regularly

Today is Saturday, I would be wrapping up a sermon for Sunday. But I don't preach tomorrow. I don't preach next week and I did not preach last week. Sigh. I know it sounds silly, but I am missing it, the regularity, the rhythm and rhyme of sermon writing. I preach the second week of Advent on the First Sunday in Dec. and again on the third week of Advent or the second week of Dec. And then I preach Christmas eve and then the first Sunday of the new year. Sigh. It is hard to get in the rhythm of writing, thinking, feeling and listening.

But frankly with all I do I don't have time to write weekly sermons. I enjoy what I do, and all the people I am working with. I like developing the congregational care ministries and the invitational ministries. I am really enjoying the young adults.

I just miss preaching regular.


Sherill said...

Believe me--I do know your pain.

(but if it makes you feel any better I was out of town three days this week so I'm still not ready for tomorrow!)

Mark Hollingsworth said...

We've all been there waiting on the Lord and the next preaching opportunity. I learned to always work on a sermon even when there's no date set. God may surprise you with an unexpected preaching opportunity.
Thanks for sharing,