Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Moving out, Moving on, Moving In

Sunday was the last Sunday. I feel good about the sermon using the story of the call of Matthew, and the two healings by Jesus. I then celebrated the ministries we had accomplished together while I was at St John. I had sat in conference and made a list of all our accomplishments, it was quite a list. I celebrated the ongoing ministries of the church as well. I also shared my sadnesses with them. We had a nice goodbye luncheon then. I feel good about the closure.

This is my very last day at work here. The office is pretty much empty, except for the trash can.

I have a few little things to pick up from the house. We couldn't get all the food into the coolers we brought last time, so I came back with a cooler to get the food. The house has been emptied and cleaned throughly.

Tomorrow I start at Trinity with staff and worship meetings. I am preaching the first two Sundays to give people a chance to hear me and to meet me. Friday I am on-call. I'd say I am jumping in and getting to work. My 90 day plan is finished, I need to run over a few things with the Senior Pastor about it.

I like my new house. The kids like the new house. Hubby likes the new house. The doggies and cat like the new house. Its going to be good.


revhipchick said...

Wow! you are off to a terrific start!

we've barely packed and as my daughter pointed out today, we only have 2 weeks to moving day! eek!

blessings on your new appointment!

Mary Beth said...

Great news, Abi. This makes my day.

Remember to pace yourself...and breathe.

love you.

Songbird said...

Happy Housewarming!

the reverend mommy said...

Sound good.

I am glad the kids like it. That alone can make it or break it.

Prayers your way!

Rev SS said...

Housewarming blessings.