Thursday, June 05, 2008

Still moving

As my secretary says, it is a long process to move. She should know she just moved into a new house. But we are moving into a new house and a new office.

The kids love their new house, new bedrooms to themselves and rec room.

Bob took the cat and dogs over yesterday, he said they are settling in well.

I am at the office tidying up. Got to go to conference tonight, Friday and saturday. I also have to come back for a funeral of one of our long time homebound members who died, the other night. They are waiting on out of town family to come in to be able to do the funeral. She was a much loved member of the church and as everybody said, she was our prayer warrior. I'll miss her she was a sweetie to go visit.

I sit in my office today, crying as I pack. It is so final.

Was at Trinity, Tuesday helping with a workshop. Really enjoyed being with everybody. They were so welcoming. They have been looking for furniture for us since we moved with nothing. They have found some things we need and will still be looking. I appreciate that.

Thanks to all the well wishers and blessings we have recieved.
I'll try to post pictures of the new house when I get a chance.


1-4 Grace said...

I am so with you on the leaving, packign, etc. I am really looking forward to new call and being closer to family, but some of the goodbyes are tough.
Would love to get the yucky parts over with. I am also not so fond of the packing process, discarding, giving away, finding a box to work with this pile of stuff, etc...
M ycats are out of sorts too! Hoping they will like the new abode.

Mary Beth said...

Love love love to you.

Change is so hard.

I looked at the new church's website and it looks like an open and welcoming place...with blogs listed!...I pray it is a good and true ministry home for you and your family.

mompriest said...

((Abi)) I understand....even good moves, or at least moves with the potential for good, can be so very is difficult in ministry to leave those we love in the hope of growing to love others....sigh...glad the kids are happy....that, at least will help...