Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The vicar is in Maybe

The Vicar is back from two weeks in China, and is in the house. But that doesn't mean her mind or body is back yet. She is moving in a robotic like fashion, doing what she knows how to do to get it done. Thankfully last week she had someone else preach for her, and he did a marvelous job. You can read about it in the post from her other log. She was really clear her mind was not working right to put together a sermon. On top of that the kids had been getting up at 3am and waking the parents up making it harder to think to preach.
So the Vicar is in. Don't expect much for awhile but this. But it will come. It will come.
God be with you tonight and as you start your morning. May you do better with sleep than she.

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