Thursday, March 30, 2006

Depression and faith

I could not have said the below any better. If you know someone who is dealing with depression don't jump on them about their lack of faith or prayerlife. Probably this person has prayed until they are blue in the face as it is, and it doesn't have to do with them losing their faith or having more faith. So check the link out. I found it at, one of the sites I visit often.What (not) to say to a depressed Christian“Real Christians don’t get depressed.” “If you’re depressed, there must be something wrong with your spiritual life.” “You just need to have more faith!”If you’ve ever heard a statement like these uttered to somebody suffering from depression, you’ve heard one of many myths about depression and Christianity. The Christian Depression Pages ministry has gathered an extensive list of Christian myths about depression and explains why they miss the mark–and how they often do more harm than good. If you struggle with depression, you’ll find encouragement in the debunkings; and if you don’t, you’ll learn how you can be truly helpful to a depressed Christian in your life or congregation.

Christian Depression Pages

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