Friday, March 31, 2006

Talk With the Preacher: Flip That Church

Talk With the Preacher: Flip That Church

This preacher has put into words, a word picture, what restoring, turning around, an old or dying church is about. You might want to read this if you are serving in a small church, old church, or one that is dying. Rev. Amy Butler has something to say that is worth hearing and thinking about. I have read a lot of books on what the churches need to survive, make disciples, be successful in the 21st century, postmodern world, all good stuff. It is helpful and hopeful when you read what someone who is actually turning a church around is thinking and doing. Well said Rev. Amy and keep up the good work at Calvary Baptist Church, Washington DC.

Her last paragraph is really a question for all of us to ponder and work toward in our churches. Here it is:
"The real question of whether or not we can flip this church will be answered right after we make our way through the flower garden into the community. If this is a place where people love each other and want to follow Jesus, well, then, this flip is going to turn a profit in the end."
That leaves me to ask the question of myself as Pastor here in these two churches; "am I leading these people to love each other and to want to follow Jesus." Thanks Rev. Amy, I certainly feel challenged.

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Amy said...

Hi Revabi: thanks for the link to my blog. Sometimes I wonder if anybody else is thinking about the strange things that cross my mind. Come see us if you ever are in town.