Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday, Inaugaration day 2009

Today, we will be having somewhat of an Inauguration Day party in the Attic, the Youth area. The big screen tv will be on all day. There will be snack food, hot drinks and cold drinks and soup for lunch. I am bringing my laptop in so I can work while I watch.

Today as I read the devotion from the Upper Room Disciplines, I realized how appropriate it was to today's events and really throughout life. There has been a lot made of this new President and that he can fix the problems of his country. There are high expectations. There are some unreal expectations. Obama can not fix this nation and even he knows that. But today's devotion used the scripture Psalm 62:5-7. Here are the verses;
5 Find rest, O my soul, in God alone;
my hope comes from him.
6 He alone is my rock and my salvation;
he is my fortress, I will not be shaken.
7 My salvation and my honor depend on God [a] ;
he is my mighty rock, my refuge.
8 Trust in him at all times, O people;
pour out your hearts to him,
for God is our refuge. Selah

This scripture is for all of us that in God alone we find our rest, our hope, our salvation. He is our rock, our fortress, our refuge. We all need to trust in him and pour out our hearts to him. Yes, God can work through Obama, our leaders, and God can work through us to make right was is wrong in this country. May it be so.

Oh and by the way Psalm 62:5-12 is the Lectionary Psalm for Sunday. For the Episcopal, it is Psalm 62:6-14. And this Psalm will preach for a time such as ours. Oh and if you are using the Roman Catholic reading it is something else, Psalm 25:4-9.

So what are you doing today?


Anonymous said...

i watched the inauguration via facebook. i announced in church on Sunday that i'd be connecting my computer to the projector so we could watch it together. unfortunately no one showed up to watch with me.

i was relieved to find out that all 3 of my girls had seen it at school (even if watched on Fox! ugh!).

i think you made a good point in remembering that Obama is merely a man.

revabi said...

How neat that you did that for the church. Sad that they didn't come to have a party together. Ours was mainly staff and some members who were at the church that day.
We had a lot of fun together, and discussions.

My kids watched it too, but I don't think on FOX.

Thanks for the comment

teachergran said...

I split my time between two schools, both with kids from families with limited financial means. The elementary school is 90% hispanic, the middle school is ~40% African-American, 50% hispanic, with the balance a mix of asian backgrounds. The kids were all very excited about the election, and especially that someone who looked more like them was elected. At the middle school and in many classes at the elem. school, they watched the inauguration via internet. From their comments, I think the things that impressed them the most were: the sheer numbers of people; the number of people shown with tears streaming down their cheeks; and the number of people hugging those nearby at the inauguration. I listened to Obama's speech on the radio, and while I had rather hoped for more stirring rhetoric, I also liked that he seemed to be striving to find a balance between inspiring people to hope for the future and reminding all of us that we all need to sacrifice to achieve those hopes.
My prayer is that he be a good, honest, straightforward example for all of "my" kids of what a politician can and should be.