Monday, January 26, 2009

A Psalm of Praise to God

In this morning's Upper Room Disiplines the writer focuses on Psalm 111:1-3 in the NIV specifically on verse 2 "Great are the works of the Lord, they are pondered by all who delight in them. He goes on to say that ponder means to contemplate, leisurely and unhurried. It is a part of the delighting in God. As he completes today's devotion, he invites you to sit quietly for a moment and begin to compose your own psalm of praise. He suggest you keep it in mind as you go thorugh the day and add to it.

At first all I could think of were praise songs I know and Psalms I know, so I had to quiet my mind. And as I quieted my mind, this is the Psalm that came to me. I wrote it after I first thought of it because I was afraid I would forget it and I wanted to be able to refer to it.

Here it is;

A Psalm of Praise to God

Lord, let my life be a song of praise to you,
Your handiwork praises you.
The cats and dogs praise their love for you.
The birds sing sweetly of their love for you.
The rivers, the lakes and oceans sing of their praise to you.
The trees lift their limbs in praise to you.
The clouds dance in praise to you.
May, my life be a song of praise to you.

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