Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Mayoral Election today

Today is local elections.
I find it interesting that the two candidates running for Mayor are both Methodist.
The present Mayor goes to First Methodist and the challenger goes to Trinity Methodist.
This is actually a run off.
Mayor Spencer has been mayor a long time here in Huntsville and has done some really good things, and brought in some major businesses. But in the last years there have been some lapses and problems in the local government. The city lost the VW bid to Chattanooga. They thought it was a done deal, but Chattanooga had the better deal for VW. I don't think you can blame it all on the Mayor but you can give some to her administration.The city prison that was being built is a major disastor and costing more than it should.

I like Tommy Battle, the challenger. He is an active member at Trinity.
He has some good ideas, and has some plans to continue the growth of Huntsville.
It is hard to beat an incumbent and one who is well liked and for the most part has done a good job. But even so, I am going to vote for Tommy.

It will be interesting to see the results at the end of the day.

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Anonymous said...

I have to firmly disagree with anyone who says that Mayor Spencer has done a good job, especially the past eight years. Loretta has catered to the affluent citizens and ignored the common man. She exhibited the characteristics of a politician who had come to believe that it was her right to be mayor the rest of her life. Her speeches during the latter phase of the campaign were a bit self-absorbed in my opinion.

The fiascos with the jail and the roads are only part of Spencer's legacy of follies. Her administration neglected Joe Davis Stadium, The VBC, which are home to our three professional sports franchises. It is a shame that our home teams have brought us championships in the recent past and the city won't improve the facilities accordingly.

Sarah Chappell, Mayor Spencer's daughter-campaign manager credited the increase in voter registration in Northwest Huntsville as the deciding blow in her mother's defeat. I would like to add that the fact that the mayor's arrogance and having no desire to visit any voters north of University Drive prompted that increase in registration. The Battle campaign worked all of Huntsville and that's where they won the election.

I don't really know Tommy Battle that well. But from what I do know I have the feeling that he's going to do an awesome job as mayor. I'm available to help him with whatever project he asks me to.