Monday, October 06, 2008

Fall Break

The weather is lovely, just lovely.
It is just cool enough, not too cool.
I love this time of year.

The school has a fall break this week.
I think it must be for the teachers as much as the kids.
It sure isn't for the parents.

We didn't get a week away, because of work, money, and cost.
I am on the bottom of the totem pole as the new clergy person,
so I get to put my dibs in for vacation last.
Two people had already gotten this week.

So pray for us while we have the kids at home the main part of the week.
This morning they woke up so excited they could not contain themselves.
They are already wild, and Zach is being smart-alecky already.
Fortunately the church is running their Camp Trinity this week for school age kids.

I will say that Halloween coming has added to their excitement also.
We got their costumes this weekend and they are cute.
Kara is a pirate girl, Katy has a medieval costume, and Zach is Darth Vadar.
They were running around this weekend with their costumes on
pretending they were actually those people.

Kara has pirate sword and Zach has a light saber,
so Katy had to get her some thing to hold.
The store didn't have any thing that really fit her costume,
so she got a pitchfork.
They have been chasing each other with these things.
Had to tell them if you break it, it isn't going to be replaced.

Fun, Fun, Fun.
Memories, Memories, Memories

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Mary Beth said...

Sweet times. Glad you are enjoying them.