Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Feeling hopeful about Young People

Last week I went to another church conference called Catalyst. I was the clergy person with six other lay people. Of the six four were in the age group categorized as young people. Just being with those four from our church was energizing. But to be with all the young people who were at Catalyst was just awesome. I found hope for the Kingdom of God listening and being with them.

The worship was high energy. Young worship leaders led us in worship and I do mean led in worship, not just had us singing. Young people who are some of the up and coming Pastors taught. There were presentations as well by some of the Pastors who are considered good leaders such as Andy Stanley. And there were presentations from leaders in the business world, like the author of Good to Great. There was even play time. And there was presentations by different missions and social justice leaders. It was a powerful time. I haven't written my notes from this conference yet into my computer; I didn't take my laptop and I am glad I didn't. And I am still processing the experience. Would I go again? Yes. Would I recommend it to others? Yes.

The only criticism I found is that they are trying to diverse and be multicultural, but they did not achieve it. The Festival of Homiletics does a better job of that. They had an African American Female speak, and that's that. No other women leaders. No other African Americans, no others from other races. And it seemed to be dominated by White Males from the Baptist or non denominational groups. That's okay, but does that mean they are the only ones who know how to lead?

Next year they are going to do things differently. Not only will Catalyst be in Atlanta but it will also be in California. They also will be offering some one day events around the country. You can go to Catalyst Space to find out more about these events.

On our way home the four of us in our car did some processing of the event. We also asked the Young adult in our car to tell us what he got from it and what we could bring from it to Trinity. It was very insightful and I'll write more about this later. We plan to get together the 7 of us and then bring in more persons to join us in the discussion. Please pray for us as we do this. I'll also write more about what I learned from Catalyst later.

Bob was proud of me, I didn't buy any more books. However, I bought the Catalyst package and access to their online community. Am I going next year? Yes, if I can.


Anonymous said...

haven't heard of this yet - will have to go look at it -

1-4 Grace said...

ick. White, baptist males...I ran from that, so good thing i did not go!
I had trouboe finding you as I forgot your name blog name...
now I remmeber our whole conversation around the new name!
Please excuse me, I moved, began a new job, and have not slowed down much.
Anyhow, found yo! Glad there was some good stuff out of catalyst.
Hope all is going good for you.
Are you the revgal that is a tiger fan?
I vaguely rememeber discussion on 11th hour parties of days gone by.
So, was it you or do you know who it is?
I have a shirt for a tiger fan, if I find out who it be.