Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tonsillectomy success!

Hi all, and thanks for the prayers and thoughts.

Zach is so much better today, in fact he has gone over the line to comedic, I think its left over from the anesthesia. I would rather have that then him being in pain or sick.

The Doc said the tonsils were absolutely nasty. He said he worked on the adenoids but did not remove them for speech reasons. And the ears were okay. Yea, he will be better and now be able to breathe through his nose.

Mom and dad were tired. Bob is still having allergy problems. I am tired from sleeping with the girls. Originally we had the kids in the same bed sleeping crosswise, but they were playing so much that we had to change that. We put Zach in bed with dad, and I slept between the girls
crosswise. I never found a good position to sleep in and the girls practically slept on me.

The girls were silly at the surgery center. But they were very caring toward their brother. It was too small of a room for all the noise and silliness. And they all were a hit with the staff.

So good to come home. Zach is not happy with eating soft food. Oh well. But this too shall pass.


DogBlogger said...

Glad to hear recovery is going well!

Sue said...

I'm glad everything went well.