Monday, March 24, 2008

Missing Easter Post, and Easter bunny

Did you notice I didn't post yesterday on Easter Sunday? I did. I kept thinking I was going to do it, but it never happened.

It was a full, wonderful and fun day.

The kids were great, played a lot, and didn't have too much of a sugar high. They did get candy from some of the members, which is a good thing, because the Easter Bunny slept in at our house. They were beautiful in their new Easter clothes too.

Worship went well. The Easter Tree was beautiful. The music good. Preaching was good.

We even held a blood drive on Sunday. I gave blood after the worship service. It wouldn't have taken so long except they couldn't get the vein in my one arm. After three tries they quit and went to the other arm. Believe it or not I am not too badly bruised. But I was wiped out further than I normally am on Sunday.

I hope your Easter went well, maybe the Easter Bunny showed up at your house though.

We go to Birmingham today to spend the night so we can be at the outpatient surgery center early in the morning for Zach's surgery. He will have a tonsillectomy. The girls are going with us too. Say a prayer for him and for us. Hopefully all will go well.


Anonymous said...

Prayers for Zach - and for lots of ice cream after...

Deb said...

I suggest Italian ices not ice cream. :) And yes, prayers are all yours.

In your spare time (she says, ducking) I tagged you. But - - honestly? It's OK if you don't play.

Rest up, prayers for Zach and for you in this time of "now what?"


The Vicar of Hogsmeade said...

How is Zach?

how about Zach's parents?

still praying

mompriest said...

Oh...I lived through the tonsillectomies of two kids...much easier on my kids than Prayers for all.