Monday, February 18, 2008

Time Flies when . . .

Oh my it really has been a long time since I have blogged. Well there goes one of my New Year's resolution to blog more regular. Sorry.

I appreciate those who wrote to me about missing my posts.

I hate to admit it, I have been under a great deal of stress that I can't blog about yet. And I can't blog about it for awhile. But when I can I will.

At the same time the Fly Lady has been keeping me busy with shining my sink, wiping and swishing, and decluttering. And boy has it paid off. I can see the floor in my room and the top of my dresser. And a real "biggy" is that the "hot spots", those places where paper, and junk just automatically accumulate have been put under some control. Kids' papers still get put out from their book bags, but we are doing better about what to keep and what not to keep. And Bob is doing better about not just laying stuff down just anywhere. He even helps me keep the Kitchen sink shining and wiping around in there.

We added one more thing since we have young kids at the house, the Fly Lady has a friend, called The House Fairy. The House Fairy now comes to my house to check on the kid's rooms. Now the beds are made, clothes picked up, trash in the trash can, and toys picked up without an argument. Imagine that. The idea is, the kids never know when the house fairy is going to come inspect their room. And if she comes and finds the room clean then its possible they might get a prize. If she finds it messy and bed unmade well no price. Where was the House Fairy when I was growing up? What a wonderful concept. So if you have you got little kids, I suggest you check her out. My kids love her, and I do too.

As someone said, you do get tired of her emails. I don't mind the reminders, its all the other emails.

I have been applying some of her decluttering tactics to my office. I threw out a whole bag of papers, magazines, etc the other day. I just haven't gotten the organization down yet.

In the meantime, Bob got the head crud and is getting over it. I got the flu this weekend. I don't wish it on anybody.

And so how about you? How goes it in your world?


David said...

suffice it to say, "I feel ya..."


Rev SS said...

I've been missing you too .. checking regularly for news that good change has happened. Praying that it's soon.

the reverend mommy said...

Good to see you are feeling better.
I'm working on the decluttering/organization thing, too. It seems that it's a never ending thing -- a way of life and thinking about things.

Good to hear from you.

Cathy said...

Thinking of you and praying the stress becomes lighter.

revhipchick said...

praying for you and yours.

thanks for the house fairy tip--we're fairy crazy around this place so it might even work with my older girls!