Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Doors opening for women who want to preach

Last week the Florence Times, our newspaper did a week long series on Front Lines of Faith. On Thursday they ran an article on Doors Opening for women who want to preach. If you read the article it talks about a women who serves as an Associate Minister, a female Rector and a woman who serves as Co Pastor of a non-denominational church. This is a big step for this paper considering the denomination with the most members in this area is C o C who don't believe in Women in Ministry at all.

I am proud to read about my sisters here in town. I think a lot of Joy, and she has done a bang up job with The Bridge, the contemporary service at First United Methodist. Don't know the other two ministers although I have heard of the Episcopal Priest. There are some others of us who got left out, like yours truly, but that's okay for this time.

Here's the article

And here is a link to the whole series on the Front Lines of Faith, including a video of Joy Morgan.

I thought they did a good job writing about the different denominations and non denominational churches. They also wrote quite a bit about youth and young people and their influence on the church.

And there are women who don't just want to preach, they are preaching! Preach on! The Doors are wide open in the Kingdom of God!

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