Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Weeks of Thanks #2

In honor of Thanksgiving I am posting my thanksfulness.

Today I am grateful for my children. (You all guessed that didn't you!)

I will admit there are times, I am not so grateful, but overall and most of the time, I am grateful.

You see I am grateful for several reasons, one of which is that I was not able to produce biological children. After lots of money, lots of shots, lots of Doctor's vists, lots of treatments, (You who have been through this know what I mean) we gave up having kids of our own. My husband wasn't ready to adopt. And so we turned our natural nurturing instincts toward our pets, our nephews and nieces, our grandson, and our friend's children. I had come to a peace and acceptance about not having my own children, when God opened the doors for adopting our three kids. And when I say he opened the doors,he opened them wide. I have written about this before, but when I got appointed to a church in HSV, AL, we found out about adopting children from China. (There were several families who were members of the church, that were adopting children from China.) And so we have been fortuanate to be able to adopt our three children. We think about a fourth child, and by Chinese rules this is the last full year we can do it. But so far we don't see the possibility of doing it. I am satisfied with the three, the girls want a brother for Zach and so does he. But I don't see it happening.

But the purpose of this post was to say; I am grateful for our children. They each have their own little personalities, behavior, likes and dislikes. They are very talented and very smart. They also are very funny, like to tell jokes, be silly and play jokes on me. They are loveable and very loving. Katy is Ms Bubbly Priss Actress, Kara is Ms fashion Princess, and Zachary is Mr Energetic full force little boy. They all have a love of music, dance and singing. Zach and Katy are the athletes. Kara could care less, but will play. Although don't back her in a corner or push her too far, she has a mean left hook, ask Zach. I just really love them for who they are and who they are becoming. I thank God for the opportunity to be their parent.


revhipchick said...

absolutely beautiful.

you (all of you) are very blessed to have one another. i am blessed to have read your wonderful post.

thank you and happy thanksgiving to you and yours rev abi!

mompriest said...

Your children are beautiful! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Songbird said...

God bless you all. I hope it was a Happy Thanksgiving!

Mary Beth said...

Beautiful smiles! So glad you shared.

the reverend mommy said...