Sunday, November 04, 2007

$350 million

Did I get your attention?

That figure, $350 million is what Scott Boras told the Yankee Baseball team they needed to offer for Alex Rodriguez, or they couldn't even talk to the man. $350 million? I don't even think the man is worth his present contract. I frankly don't think any baseball player, sports figure, or entertainer or politician is worth that much. Can we say unrealistic? Can we say well, greedy.

There are already enough articles that have been written about Scott Boras and what he has done to Baseball. He says he has improved the game, and given players a fair shake, instead of the owners getting it all. Either way owners, agents, players, getting all that money and then some is ridiculous.

But you know what the other sad side of this story is, is that we will pay the increased prices at the games, to see these guys play or play at. We will buy their merchandise for the NFL, MBL or NBA team we support at ridiculous prices. We will buy their merchandise they endorse. We are a part of this escalation of the ludicrous.

Scott Boras represents a young man who played for Atlanta Braves. He did play. Boras went in asking for a ridiculous amount of money for this young man. Sherholz had the guts to stand up and say no, we won't pay that amount for him, his production numbers had gone down this year. And so now he is one of the many free agents. Oh he is represented though by Boras who right now gets his way and gets his man their money. You know its like a gun for hire. It is no longer team effort. Last year when they were negotiating salaries for the Braves team, another man took a cut in his pay so they could afford Jones' salary and he would stay another year. That man, the other Jones, Chipper. He is no saint, don't give him that. But when it got down to priorities about a team, he had it right.

Why am I writing about this on my blog? I do follow the Braves, When we lived closer by, we would go to the games. My husband loves the sport of baseball. I can take it or leave it. But I am writing about it, because it speaks to the way our culture our society our nation is going these days. It is all about the money isn't it. It is all about having more. It is about idolizing somebody. It is about forgetting about our first love, Jesus, and losing our focus on the Lord our God. Others have become our gods. We have forgotten that part about doing mercy, walking humbly and doing justice. You know if I was a good prophet, and I am not prophetic, I would be using the "woes" and "the day of Judgement" language. I got a friend, she has a prophetic voice, she don't like having the prophetic voice at all, wishes she didn't. But she can't help it, God's called her to it, given her that voice. I listen to her. But her prophetic voice is toward us Christians, believers and followers of Christ. And really that is the way it should be, we got to get our act right. We got to get back to our first love, Jesus. We got to be walking humbly, doing justice, and mercy. I believe the scripture says that is what God requires of us. God have mery on me will you.

I would guess we got some of the same thing in the church, among us ministers, and Christians that is going on in baseball and in our society. And truly woe is us. And truly God have mercy on us.


Deb said...

Wow. Truer words never spoken.


MayB MayB Not said...


Jesus was, first and foremost, a prophet to his own people; and your prophetic friend is right on: our "prophetic voice," needs to be

"toward us Christians, believers and followers of Christ ... we got to get our act right. We got to get back to our first love, Jesus. We got to be walking humbly, doing justice, and mercy"