Monday, November 12, 2007

My Birthday present

Guess what I got for my birthday?

Good guessing, but what I got is a GPS.

My husband was tired of us getting lost out here trying to find where people live. This area is not on the map of Florence, because we are actually right across the city line in the county. He thought it would be a useful gift.

So we hooked it up to use on my regular day for visitation of the homebound. Hubby was so excited. He put the input into its little computer, and it started us on our way. We followed its directions to a certain house and street. We got to where it said the person lived on the street, but the number in the computer was different than the number on the street. Bob decided to get out to check it out anyway, thinking the numbers might be changed due to E-911. Well, the man who answered the door definitely not the homebound man we were looking for. He and Bob had an interesting conversation anyway. The man asked Bob had he tried one of those GPS, and Bob said that is what brought us to your door. The man literally fell over laughing. But he told Bob there was another street up the road by the same name off another road. So off we went to try to find it. But we couldn't find the road off the main drag. So we gave up on finding that person, and put in another address.

This time it took us to the right place, and we had a nice visit.

I went to the office and googled the address we couldn't find, and it showed the first address. So I googled the name of the road that the man had told Bob about, and guess what, it is the street we live on. It was the name of our street at one point. Go figure. And then by moving the map around I found the street the person lived on.

Guess who has the GPS in their car. Right, not me, the hubby. He has used it for where ever we have gone since we got it. Mmm. Maybe he should get his own.

I told the people at church about what happened, and they thought it was funny too. They knew exactly where we had gone, and knew where we needed to go. It was an adventure.

Bob has since hooked the GPS to the computer to update it. So the next time we go looking for a place out here on the GPS, we will see if it really updated it.


revhipchick said...

happy belated birthday!

aren't those kind of presents fun? the ones for us but not really? i think are better than the "practical" ones at anyrate.

now you need to checkout geocaching! i don't know how that would work with a car gps though. it's a lot of fun for the whole family--really!

i hope you get your gift back soon!

Cathy said...

Wonder who the birthday gift was for :)
I have seen those kinds of gifts - I think I have been guilty of it once or twice myself!

Allan R. Bevere said...


You better check John the Methodist's latest caption contest. Those things can be dangerous.

the reverend mommy said...

Happy Birthday!

MayB MayB Not said...

LOL!!! belated B'day wishes anyway -:) Serena

Rev Kim said...

Happy belated birthday1

JWD said...

Oooh, I'm jealous.

I just told my hubby that I thought maybe we needed to get one because I'm about to drive to San Diego for AAR.

But it didn't really fly. The Google directions say, basically, "Get on 5 and stay on it until you arrive in San Diego."

Yeah. I guess I can handle that...

Deb said...

I do love my GPS! I do think you should really have your own since the one you got is now - ahem - shared! :)

Belated (very) HAPPY bday!

teachergran said...

Abi, Here's wishing you a wonderful year (since I SO missed your birthday!!).
I worked as a tutor for a woman whose husband used to joke that she always bought 2 of any present she was giving away as she only bought things she really liked for other people (and then naturally wanted one too). It has always made me enjoy my Japanese tea set all the more to think of her using hers as I use mine!
Again, wishing you a fantastic year to come!