Friday, October 19, 2007

Angels in the church

So sorry, I have not blogged in awhile, but Angels have been in our church.

By that I mean, the human kind who have been working in a Women's Retreat, Angel Food Ministries, A Yard Sale/New purse sale/pancake breakfast/lemonade stand/baked goods to benefit our upgrading to meet ADA standards, planning for a Fall Festival, and planning for a Caregiver Conference. My goodness, there have been Angels everywhere!

Now if the Angels who complete all the Charge Conference forms and all the meetings for charge conference prep would get their work done. Whoops, that's me and the secretary. Sigh. Anybody else having to do theirs a new way? We have work sheets to complete and then we have to enter the data into an online form. It is different and will be different. But the way theyhave it set up, next year's won't be so bad.

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Diane said...

blessings on your angels!!