Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Date or no Date

People have been asking, did you get the date or not? The answer is yes, Bob and I did have a date. He was unable to find a sitter. So I found us not one but two 13 yr old girls from the church who babysat for us. This was the first time they had babysat our kids, but they did a great job.

What did we do on our date night? We went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Great food. And we went to the $2 movie theater. Now don't get your rankles up and say my hubby is a cheap date. It was me who chose the theater. The full price theater didn't have any movies I wanted to see, and we did go by and check it out. Instead we went to see the "Pursuit of Happyness." I know, I know, it will be out on DVD soon. We had not gotten to see it when it was at the big theater, and I wanted to see it without the kids, although they would have liked it too. I loved it and so did Bob.

It was a great night for us. And on top of that it was a Saturday night, you know the night before Sunday worship. I had gotten my sermon done that afternoon so I could go and not worry about it.

So for all the inquiring minds, we did have a date for my anniversary. Oh the other thing we did was talk about what we liked about being married to each other. That was sweet real sweet.


HeyJules said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time!

gavin richardson said...

sounds kinda like erin & mine's first date.

mompriest said...

Good for you. I find it difficult to go out Saturday nights, regardless....always throws me off a bit on Sunday? Am I weird or what? So I'm glad you could go and enjoy yourselves...and have that conversation about being married to one another - so important to always remember.

zorra said...

Sounds great!

see-through faith said...

sounds great fun!