Monday, June 20, 2011

Wal-Mart wins Supreme Court sex-bias ruling

In a 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court threw out on Monday a massive class-action sex-discrimination lawsuit against Wal-Mart Stores Inc, the biggest ever such case, in a major victory for the world's largest retailer and for big business in general.
The justices ruled that more than 1 million female employees nationwide could not proceed together in the lawsuit seeking billions of dollars and accusing Wal-Mart of paying women less and giving them fewer promotions.
The Supreme Court agreed with Wal-Mart, the largest private U.S. employer, that the class-action certification violated federal rules for such lawsuits.

The ruling was cheered by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce business group as the most important class action case in more than a decade but denounced by women's groups.
It represented a major victory for Wal-Mart.

What have we gone backwards? Say what? I thought we had made progress in these areas.

The article goes on to say that litigation is not over, but Lawyers for the plaintiffs acknowledged the ruling raised substantial hurdles to bring such challenges forward but warned that Wal-Mart may regret this route because it could lead to lengthier litigation in many more courtrooms.

Well, I don't shop Wal-Mart much anymore and with this ruling, I think I'll just stop shopping all together. Wal-Mart may find they have just alienated one of their biggest shopping froups; women. And if more women, who happen to do the shopping also stopped, it would have an effect on Wal-Mart. I would not want to work for Wal-Mart.
There are tricks they pull on employees like the hours they work or don't work. They got a bottom line to keep Sam's kids in their high living they have and their investors. But they are no longer the company that Sam started or meant it to be.

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